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In The Zone Sales Process
This is a revolutionary program which enhances relationships between you and your customers.

Benchmark Pricing
Give your customers what they really want by giving them the right product at a fair price.

HAC College
The Half-A-Car College is designed with Immediate Results in mind. We're all about increasing your numbers and improving your bottom line.

Now more than ever its time to move to the next level!
One customer lost is one too many,
for details call 1 (800) 425-8072

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We are a source of refined information acquired from working
with a multitude of dealers globally, analyzing business from
a holistic point of view.


Who are we?

Half A Car is a Full Service International Automotive
Management Consulting Company with innovative thinking
that makes a difference.

Half A Car  transforms ideas into reality, we concentrate
on creative thinking which brings added value to YOUR
process and business.


About Us

Our training programs are designed to dramatically
increase sales, and build strong customer relationships.
All participants will learn a systematic thinking process that
reinforces their belief in the value of their product, and
service for their customer. They will develop the skill and
confidence to look beyond price and payment and focus on
answering all of a customers questions and fulfilling their
wants and needs.

You will receive skills and support from the most
successful sales training company in the automotive
market today. We offer in-dealership installation of
numerous programs that have been tried, tested and proven
in over three thousand dealerships worldwide, that will give
you and your employees a lifetime ticket to a customer and
your customers a lifetime ticket to a vehicle.

Growth Through Profound
Knowledge and Innovative Training.

We are passionately dedicated to giving your customers
the lowest cost of driving and you the competitive edge.

Together, our state of the art college facility and our
in-dealership installation programs supported with
continuous follow -up will put and keep you 10 stepsTraining Services Image
ahead. By focusing on the future and following our processes in the New Vehicle Department, Renewal / Loyalty Department and Used Vehicle Departments, your business will multiply today!

What is the "Half A Car College?"

The Half A Car College for Advanced Leadership is an
exciting, professional learning experience that transforms
ordinary individuals into extraordinary value generators and
teaches all participants how to be "Masters" in their field,
whether it is... Renewal - Coaching - Used Vehicles - F&I

How does the "Half A Car College"

The classes are five day intensive, interactive courses that
give the participants the thinking, tools, skills and confidence
to increase closing ratios by 20% - 25% immediately.

What will the "Half A Car College" do
for your business?

After attending the College, graduates are able to . . .
Half A Car College Crest 
 - Overcome difficult objections.
 - Create customers who can't
   say "No."
 - Maintain and increase your bank
   of loyal, lifetime customers -
 - Maximize every opportunity to
   do business.

Think Like a Customer.

An interesting aspect of establishing a real relationship in
the selling process is the gradual awareness that our
customers use their own buying patterns and agenda in the
decision making. Too often many of the selling processes
that we use today are designed with our own selling patterns
and agenda which in many cases ignores our customers
wants and needs. If we complete the sale in spite of this
conflict, we reinforce in the customers mind how difficult and
unpleasant the automotive purchase has become.

People don't want to be treated the way we want to
be treated. They want to be treated the way they want
to be treated.

Listen, Explore, and Connect!






Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM   |  Friday & Saturday: 8:30 AM - 6:00PM
Closed on Sundays


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