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Swan City Motors
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Target Area: Red Deer Alberta 
Radius:  100 KM
Locations: Edmonton South / Calgary North

Propagation Time : 4 - 6 months

Keyword / Phrases

* Backlink Reports submitted every 2 Weeks *
* Full Position Reports generated every 30 days *

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1.) We cant do SEO work if the website is hosed with someone else.
     We can change the Host which is easy to us, and keep everything the same in less than 48 hours.

2.) We will need to add the Online Appointment Booking form as soon as possible.
     We will need access to the server for this also... same conditions as above.

I recommend I contact Cinch (on your behalf) to see what hosting package you have.
If you are month to month we will cancel it and move the website to our servers.

If it is 1 year pre-pay, we will work on current server until contract expires then move.
I will get login access and give to our developers.






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